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We love hearing from our Win Win Lottery players!

We appreciate each and every one of our Win Win Lottery players. We love to listen to the reasons why people have chosen to play St Cuthbert’s Hospice Win Win Lottery, as we know Hospice holds a special place in so many hearts. As well as this, it’s always great to hear how our winners plan on treating themselves!

If you would like to share with us the reasons you play St Cuthbert’s Hospice Win Win Lottery, please contact Dominique Stacey on 0191 3746176 or We would be delighted to have you featured on our website and Facebook page.

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Win Win Lottery Stories

Telling your stories

  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Kevin Robinson from Durham won the top rollover prize of £25,000 in our Win Win Lottery

    “It was so surreal getting the call to say I’d won, you just don’t expect something like that. I thought to myself surely this isn’t a prank, no one would do that. I think I’m still in shock now. It’s not really sunk in, though I think I’ve spent the money in my head around five times already!”

    Kevin Robinson from Durham has won the top rollover prize of £25,000 our Win Win Lottery on Thursday 1st July.

    Kevin added: “I signed up to the Win Win Lottery as soon as I heard about it. My Mam Milly has been cared for by the Hospice for years and years as she needs support following a tumour on her spine. She’s stayed on their In-Patient Unit for respite care a number of times, has had physio to help her walk again and she usually attends their Living Well Centre for day care. Though with the pandemic she’s been unable to go and has been supported by phone instead. She’s enjoyed the calls to check in with her.

    "For a tenner a month, and knowing all the benefits that St Cuthbert’s give people in the area, it was a no brainer for me to join.”

    The call to Kevin was made by Nurse Julie Brown. Julie said: “It was a real privilege to make the call and share such wonderful news. It’s because of the support we get from people in our community that we're able to care the way that we do. Knowing that the winner has a strong connection with the Hospice is just the icing on the cake for me. I'm smiling from ear to ear, and I know the winner is too!"

    Over 1,000 players make their play count by taking part in the Win Win Lottery each month and have helped to raise over £88,500 for the Hospice with the funds going towards patient care.

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  • Why We Play

    James Coulbeck plays in memory of his dearly missed Auntie Karen

    We recently spoke to James Coulbeck to find out what playing the Win Win Lottery means to him and he kindly agreed to let us share his story...

    "The reason I wanted to participate and support the St Cuthbert's Hospice Win Win Lottery is in memory to my dearly missed Auntie Karen, whom sadly left us last December.

    My Auntie spent her finally few months with us under the phenomenal care of the team at St Cuthbert’s. The love and care they provided to my Auntie to ensure she was as comfortable and peaceful as possible will stay with our family forever and something we will be forever thankful for. Me and my Auntie joked and said it was more like a hotel than a hospice due to the whole organisation going above and beyond in every aspect.

    Words will never come close to being able to thank St Cuthbert’s for what they did for my Auntie, but by playing the Win Win Lottery it’s a very small ongoing way we can support the next family whom will sadly need to use the facility for the special care they provide."

    We would like to thank James these lovely words and ongoing support to St Cuthbert's Hospice.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Kelly Walton is our first ever jackpot winner!

    We are so excited to announce that we have had our first ever jackpot winner, claiming an incredible £8,500!

    Our lucky winner is Kelly Walton from Sherburn Village who we have had the chance to catch up with, after receiving our initial call on Tuesday.

    Here, Kelly explains her reasons for joining the Win Win Lottery and how she felt after receiving the news from the Lottery Team.

    “I have been a huge supporter of St Cuthbert’s Hospice for almost 10 years when my mam, Sheila Walton, received great care as a patient. I am a member of ‘The Lambton Ladies’ and we have taken part in fundraising events for many years in memory of our loved ones, with many being cared for at St Cuthbert’s. For this reason, as soon as I heard that the Hospice was launching the Win Win Lottery, I was one of the first to sign up. To know that I was helping the Hospice to fund ongoing care in our community was extremely important to me – and the chance of winning a prize every weekday was an added bonus!

    When I received the call informing me that I was the September jackpot winner, I was completely speechless! When you sign up for these things you never really expect to win and considering I haven’t won anything like this in the past, it just didn’t cross my mind. It took me a couple of days to process this amazing news and I’ve now decided that I am going to treat my family to our first ever holiday abroad. This will be extra special as my son is getting older and I’m not sure how much longer he would want to join in with a family holiday, so we are planning this for next year.

    I will continue to support St Cuthbert’s Hospice in any way that I can, as it does really hold a special place in my heart. I would urge anyone who hasn’t already, to sign up to the Win Win Lottery and you never know, you could be the next lucky winner receiving the same phone call I did!”

    Kelly has been kind enough to share a beautiful photo in memory of her mam, Sheila. Thank you Kelly for playing and congratulations on being our first jackpot winner and scooping up a huge £8,500!

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  • Why We Play

    Karen Weston plays in memory of her friend Wendy

    Karen recently signed up to play the Win Win Lottery in memory of her dear friend Wendy who received care here at the Hospice. Wendy’s family and friends have since raised thousands of pounds in her memory to support our services.

    Here, she tells us why she is supporting the new Win Win Lottery:

    “I had a call from the lovely Christine at St Cuthbert’s Hospice who told me about the new Win Win Lottery.

    I have joined in memory of my wonderful friend Wendy Charlton. What a great way to help the Hospice and also have a chance to win some cash! The Hospice is in need of funds to keep up their wonderful services - please join if you can as you will be helping them so much”.

    We are extremely grateful to Karen for the continued support she is giving us by signing up to the Win Win Lottery.

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  • Why We Play

    Tracy Fletcher plays after experiencing our care first hand

    Tracy took part in our Strictly St Cuthbert's dance competition in 2019 with her Uncle Shaun. Tracy and Shaun are huge supporters of the Hospice as they have experienced our services first hand.

    Tracy said: “Myself and my Uncle were already huge supporters of St Cuthbert’s as we had experienced the care provided for three of our family members.

    Shaun knew that he wanted to carry on helping the Hospice in any way that he could, as he may need to use the services in the future. I am also looking to volunteer at the Hospice after seeing the support that patient’s families receive during such difficult times”.

    We are extremely grateful to Tracy for her amazing efforts in supporting St Cuthbert's Hospice in the past and also for the continued support she is giving us by signing up to the Win Win Lottery.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Laura Heseltine wins £100 Daily Prize

    Laura was delighted to get a phone call from us to let her know she had won £100 in our Win Win Lottery.

    "I decided to play the Win Win lottery in memory of my grandad, Alan Vincent, who spent his final days at St Cuthbert's, so I always try to help the Hospice in any way I can."

    "My partner Matthew and I are getting married in June 2021 in the Fig House at Middleton Lodge, so the money will help go towards our wedding."

    Thank you Laura for playing and everyone at St Cuthbert's would like to wish you both all the very best for your wedding day

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Karen Grigg wins £100 Daily Prize

    We have had the pleasure of catching up with one of our recent Win Win Lottery winners, Katherine Chapman.

    Katherine won £100 in one of our September daily draws and has kindly shared with us her reasons for playing St Cuthbert's Hospice Win Win Lottery.

    She said: "I had originally heard about the Lottery through Facebook and although I haven't had any previous experience with the Hospice, I thought it was a great way to support a local charity with the extra bonus of maybe winning a prize.

    "I hadn't been playing too long which is why I was surprised to get the call from Christine letting me know that I had won £100! It was perfectly timed as I was on holiday visiting friends and I was able to treat us all to a lovely meal. I even had a little left over so booked myself in for a manicure while I was there."

    We are delighted that Katherine got to use her winnings on treating herself and friends to something special and we would like to say a huge thank you for supporting the Win Win Lottery.

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