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We love hearing from our Win Win Lottery players!

We appreciate each and every one of our Win Win Lottery players. We love to listen to the reasons why people have chosen to play St Cuthbert’s Hospice Win Win Lottery, as we know Hospice holds a special place in so many hearts. As well as this, it’s always great to hear how our winners plan on treating themselves!

Take a look below where you can read some of these inspirational stories and hear first-hand what playing the Win Win Lottery means to local people.

If you would like to share with us the reasons you play St Cuthbert’s Hospice Win Win Lottery, please contact the Communications and Marketing team on 0191 386 1170 or via We would be delighted to have you featured on our website and Facebook page.

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Win Win Lottery Stories

Telling your stories

  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Gilesgate man scoops over £19,000 in the Win Win Lottery!

    Retired road-worker Patrick Byrne from Gilesgate has scooped a rollover prize of £19,100 in St Cuthbert’s Hospice Win Win Lottery. The charity lottery has been running for almost 2 years and helps to raise much-needed funds which enable the Hospice to care for local people with life-limiting illnesses, people who are at the end of life and people who are bereaved.

    Patrick said: “I’ve no idea what I’ll spend the money on – maybe my garden as I’ve been waiting to get it done for such a long time now. I love to go to the cricket and have a Sunderland season ticket too so it’s good to know the expense for that is covered going forward. It’s nice to have some luck come my way, unfortunately I couldn’t go to the Sunderland final in Wembley last month due to illness, but as it happens the bus broke down on the way!”

    “I signed up to the Win Win Lottery as I know of the good work the Hospice do in County Durham. It’s only £10 a month but it all goes to such a good cause. I never expected to win. I’ll keep playing and supporting them too even though I’ve won I know how much difference my contribution each month can make.”

    Over 1,000 people play the Win Win Lottery each month with the chance of winning a daily prize of £100, a monthly prize of £1,000 or up to £25,000 in the event of a rollover. The lottery was launched in 2020 to help raise additional funds for the Hospice and has to date raised £217,920.

    Stephen Burke, Lottery Sales Coordinator, said: “It was a huge pleasure to ring Patrick to tell him the news. He couldn’t believe it at first. Players like Patrick really do help to create a lifeline for the people in County Durham who rely on us as what can often be a really difficult time. We’re grateful to all in our community who continue to support us in any way they can from donating to our shops, volunteering at our events or by making their play count and joining our Win Win Lottery.”

    To find out more about the Win Win Lottery visit our webpage or call 0191 386 1170.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Mike from Durham won an amazing £8,000 jackpot prize in the Win Win Lottery!

    “I joined the Win Win Lottery not long after it had been set up by St Cuthbert’s Hospice. I work for Swinburne Maddison LLP who are big supporters of the Hospice, so I’ve been involved in fundraising in the past. I thought the Lottery was a great idea to not only support the Hospice but also have the chance to win prizes throughout the month - not that I ever thought I’d be lucky enough to win £8,000, that news was just incredible!”.

    “I’m not 100% sure what I’ll spend my winnings on, although I do know that I’ll be giving something back to St Cuthbert’s Hospice and making donations to other charities I support.”

    To find out more about the Win Win Lottery visit our webpage or call 0191 386 1170.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    "I’ve decided to do something special with my winnings and add a plaque to the memorial seat we have for my dad."

    Christine Kell first experienced St Cuthbert’s Hospice four years ago when her dad received care in our In-Patient Unit.

    “When my dad first arrived at St Cuthbert’s he was able to celebrate his birthday with family. The nurses threw a little party for us, and it was lovely to be able to enjoy this day with him. My favourite photo of my dad was taken at this celebration.

    Dad received amazing care for six weeks before he sadly passed away. I can honestly say that the nurses are angels. They were so caring towards not only my dad but the whole family.

    Earlier this year, my uncle also required palliative care. Due to our previous experience with my dad, there was no hesitation to allow St Cuthbert’s to care for my uncle. Once again, the nurses treated my family with such care and compassion.

    I actually received the call from the Win Win Lottery on the anniversary of my dad arriving at the Hospice. It was a nice surprise to hear I’d won £100! I’ve decided to do something special with my winnings and add a plaque to the memorial seat we have for my dad. We keep this at our holiday home and it’s in the perfect spot to look out over the Pennines and remember my wonderful dad!”

    We’d like to say a huge thank you to Christine for supporting St Cuthbert’s Hospice Win Win Lottery. We are delighted that you get to spend your winnings on something so meaningful.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Kevin Robinson from Durham won the top rollover prize of £25,000 in our Win Win Lottery

    “It was so surreal getting the call to say I’d won, you just don’t expect something like that. I thought to myself surely this isn’t a prank, no one would do that. I think I’m still in shock now. It’s not really sunk in, though I think I’ve spent the money in my head around five times already!”

    Kevin Robinson from Durham won the top rollover prize of £25,000 in our Win Win Lottery.

    Kevin added: “I signed up to the Win Win Lottery as soon as I heard about it. My Mam Milly has been cared for by the Hospice for years and years as she needs support following a tumour on her spine. She’s stayed on their In-Patient Unit for respite care a number of times, has had physio to help her walk again and she usually attends their Living Well Centre for day care. Though with the pandemic she’s been unable to go and has been supported by phone instead. She’s enjoyed the calls to check in with her.

    "For a tenner a month, and knowing all the benefits that St Cuthbert’s give people in the area, it was a no brainer for me to join.”

    The call to Kevin was made by Nurse Julie Brown. Julie said: “It was a real privilege to make the call and share such wonderful news. It’s because of the support we get from people in our community that we're able to care the way that we do. Knowing that the winner has a strong connection with the Hospice is just the icing on the cake for me. I'm smiling from ear to ear, and I know the winner is too!"

    Over 1,000 players make their play count by taking part in the Win Win Lottery each month and have helped to raise over £88,500 for the Hospice with the funds going towards patient care.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    “My niece initially told me about the Hospice setting up their own Lottery. She had joined in memory of her mam, my sister, Pamela Stones who was cared for by St Cuthbert’s Hospice before she sadly passed away."

    "The care Pamela received was amazing and I can’t thank the staff and volunteers enough for the way they looked after us all through such a difficult time. The fact that the wider family felt cared for and supported helped us enormously."

    "I knew of St Cuthbert’s with living locally and I’d heard a little about it through Bramble’s Coffee Shop too, but it wasn’t until I had experience of using the services that I realised what an impact the Hospice really does have on local families.
    I was really shocked when I received the call saying I was the £100 winner! It couldn’t have been timed any better being so close to Christmas”.
    We would like to thank Donna and her family for sharing this beautiful photo of Pamela and continuing to support the Hospice. We hope you manage to treat yourself to something lovely with your winnings!

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    We'd like to say a huge thank you to one of our lucky Win Win Lottery winners, Stephen Forbes.

    Stephen won £100 in one of our daily draws and very kindly decided to donate his winnings back to the Hospice. This is an amazing help to us during these challenging times.

    Stephen shared a few words with us – “I initially signed up to play the Win Win Lottery in memory of my mam, Thomasina, who sadly passed away last year. She received incredible care at St Cuthbert’s and I have supported them ever since. I decided to donate the £100 back to the Hospice because they need the money more than I do at the moment.”

    Stephen has sent us in a lovely photo of his mam, enjoying a holiday in Dubrovnik in the late 70s.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Carolyn Mason from Durham was our lucky jackpot winner who scooped an incredible £2,700 earlier in the month.

    Carolyn was kind enough to call in to the Hospice and have a chat with us about how she feels to be a Win Win Lottery jackpot winner.

    “I have been a supporter for a number of years due to working closely with the Hospice in my role as a MacMillan Nurse. I decided to play the Win Win Lottery in memory of all the lovely patients I’ve referred to the Hospice for care."

    Sadly, working in cancer support, I see the need for these services everyday. By signing up to the Lottery, you are helping to ensure that people in the community get the care they need. You also have the chance to win amazing prizes, so it is definitely a win-win for everyone!
    I was delighted to receive the call letting me know that I was the lucky November jackpot winner! I plan on treating my children and putting a little aside to treat myself."

    We would like to say a huge thank you to Carolyn for not only supporting the Hospice, but the amazing work she does for her patients every day. You definitely deserve to treat yourself to something special!

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  • Why We Play

    As a family we’ve all just joined the Win Win Lottery in Adam’s memory and hope that others support the Hospice in any way they can. We would have been lost without them.

    Adam's mam, Lorraine, kindly shared her story with us.

    “We hadn’t really heard of the Hospice before Adam was referred. When I mentioned it to friends a few people told us that the Hospice was a great place, but I thought that was just something they were saying to be kind and make us feel better. We needn’t have worried. It was nothing like you would expect. We were only there for two weeks, but it really did make all the difference."

    “Adam became unwell in June and it wasn’t obvious at first how serious it was. It began with pins and needles and he was feeling more tired than usual. None of us, including Adam, were hugely concerned. It was only a short time later that he was becoming more and more tired and it was only when we realised that he was struggling to walk, that we got in touch with the doctors. His GP sent us straight to the Hospital for a brain scan suspecting a stroke.

    The wait for the results was agonising. We waited ages. The good news was that he hadn’t had a stroke, but the scan showed a mass on his brain. We had so many questions but it was all just a whirlwind. He was admitted to hospital, had a shunt fitted for the pressure and a biopsy taken. When we were told it was brain cancer it was all looking good for treatment options. That all changed so quickly as Adam’s mobility declined further and we were told he wouldn’t be getting radiation therapy and we’d be looking at quality of life.

    It was difficult being at the RVI to manage travelling from our home in Sherburn Village to Newcastle each day and there were limits on his number of visitors, which was difficult as we all wanted to be with him. They suggested St Cuthbert’s to us as it was closer to home. We were thinking that Adam might go to get a bit better and be able to try other treatment options, but he just wasn’t strong enough and they couldn’t operate with it being close to the brain stem.

    It was the little things that made a huge difference to us. Being able to bring in Poppy our dog was great. Adam joked that the dog was called ‘cheddar’ like in the tv show Brooklyn 99. It was great to see his sense of humour back. He even joked with the nurses that his tattoos said ‘fish & chips twice’ when asked about them. The nurses loved to fuss over his beard and told us to bring in his oils and comb. Nothing was a bother. If he wanted toast at 3am he was able to have it.

    We were kept up to date all the time with what was happening and what to expect. He was on the best drugs that could be prescribed. He wasn’t in pain and although he slept a lot he knew that he was somewhere special. There was a bird table outside his room and we saw a squirrel a couple of times. There was a robin that would come to visit and we saw a jay bird too.

    Adam was a carer for my Mam and Dad. When we told him my Dad had died he just took it all in, he didn’t really show emotions. I missed the funeral service to be with Adam at the Hospice, but we were all with him when he passed away later that day. You couldn’t write it that it all happened on the same day.

    We really can’t thank the team at St Cuthbert’s enough for Adam’s care and for looking after us all so well. The nurses just do everything and they’re always checking in on you. There were no other options available to us and the Hospice was so peaceful. As a family we’ve all just joined the Win Win Lottery in Adam’s memory and hope that others support the Hospice in any way they can. We would have been lost without them.”

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    We have had the pleasure of catching up with Steve Bartle from MKM Building Supplies after their recent Win Win Lottery win!

    Steve had originally signed up to the Lottery after speaking with one of our Lottery Promoters and thought it would be a great way for MKM to support St Cuthbert's Hospice on a regular basis.

    "St Cuthbert's Hospice is close to so many of our hearts here at MKM.

    Sadly, a lot of us have friends and family who have needed to use this amazing service and have seen first-hand the good the Hospice does.

    We chose to play the Win Win Lottery on behalf of MKM employees and made the decision to donate back any winnings from the daily draws. If we were lucky enough to win the jackpot, we would be making a donation from this and also rewarding our employees with a treat too - a win-win!

    As a local builders' merchants ​in Durham, we feel very strongly about supporting charities who are local to us. We have supported the Hospice for many years, but it feels even more vital to offer our support now, due to the financial impact of the pandemic. It is also great to know that 100% of our donations are going directly to the Hospice.

    We pride ourselves on being a philanthropic company and look forward to helping out St Cuthbert's Hospice more in the future."

    From one Durham-based organisation to another - thank you for your kind words and support!

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Our very own royalty 'Wills & Kate'.

    We previously shared a lovely photo on our Facebook page of Billy and Katie Dixon. They were enjoying some time together in our wonderful Hospice grounds.

    While at the Hospice they decided to sign up to our Win Win Lottery as they thought it was a great way to support the Hospice.

    We are delighted that Katie was one of our £100 winners last month.

    Congratulations to you both, we're looking forward to seeing you again at your next visit in the summer.

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  • Why We Play

    James Coulbeck plays in memory of his dearly missed Auntie Karen

    We spoke to James Coulbeck to find out what playing the Win Win Lottery means to him and he kindly agreed to let us share his story.

    "The reason I wanted to participate and support the St Cuthbert's Hospice Win Win Lottery is in memory to my dearly missed Auntie Karen, whom sadly left us last December.

    My Auntie spent her finally few months with us under the phenomenal care of the team at St Cuthbert’s. The love and care they provided to my Auntie to ensure she was as comfortable and peaceful as possible will stay with our family forever and something we will be forever thankful for. Me and my Auntie joked and said it was more like a hotel than a hospice due to the whole organisation going above and beyond in every aspect.

    Words will never come close to being able to thank St Cuthbert’s for what they did for my Auntie, but by playing the Win Win Lottery it’s a very small ongoing way we can support the next family whom will sadly need to use the facility for the special care they provide."

    We would like to thank James these lovely words and ongoing support to St Cuthbert's Hospice.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Kelly Walton is our first ever jackpot winner!

    We are so excited to announce that we have had our first ever jackpot winner, claiming an incredible £8,500!

    Our lucky winner is Kelly Walton from Sherburn Village who we have had the chance to catch up with, after receiving our initial call on Tuesday.

    Here, Kelly explains her reasons for joining the Win Win Lottery and how she felt after receiving the news from the Lottery Team.

    “I have been a huge supporter of St Cuthbert’s Hospice for almost 10 years when my mam, Sheila Walton, received great care as a patient. I am a member of ‘The Lambton Ladies’ and we have taken part in fundraising events for many years in memory of our loved ones, with many being cared for at St Cuthbert’s. For this reason, as soon as I heard that the Hospice was launching the Win Win Lottery, I was one of the first to sign up. To know that I was helping the Hospice to fund ongoing care in our community was extremely important to me – and the chance of winning a prize every weekday was an added bonus!

    When I received the call informing me that I was the September jackpot winner, I was completely speechless! When you sign up for these things you never really expect to win and considering I haven’t won anything like this in the past, it just didn’t cross my mind. It took me a couple of days to process this amazing news and I’ve now decided that I am going to treat my family to our first ever holiday abroad. This will be extra special as my son is getting older and I’m not sure how much longer he would want to join in with a family holiday, so we are planning this for next year.

    I will continue to support St Cuthbert’s Hospice in any way that I can, as it does really hold a special place in my heart. I would urge anyone who hasn’t already, to sign up to the Win Win Lottery and you never know, you could be the next lucky winner receiving the same phone call I did!”

    Kelly has been kind enough to share a beautiful photo in memory of her mam, Sheila. Thank you Kelly for playing and congratulations on being our first jackpot winner and scooping up a huge £8,500!

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  • Why We Play

    Karen Weston plays in memory of her friend Wendy

    Karen signed up to play the Win Win Lottery in memory of her dear friend Wendy who received care here at the Hospice. Wendy’s family and friends have since raised thousands of pounds in her memory to support our services.

    Here, she tells us why she is supporting the new Win Win Lottery:

    “I had a call from the lovely Christine at St Cuthbert’s Hospice who told me about the new Win Win Lottery.

    I have joined in memory of my wonderful friend Wendy Charlton. What a great way to help the Hospice and also have a chance to win some cash! The Hospice is in need of funds to keep up their wonderful services - please join if you can as you will be helping them so much”.

    We are extremely grateful to Karen for the continued support she is giving us by signing up to the Win Win Lottery.

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  • Why We Play

    Tracy Fletcher plays after experiencing our care first hand

    Tracy took part in our Strictly St Cuthbert's dance competition in 2019 with her Uncle Shaun. Tracy and Shaun are huge supporters of the Hospice as they have experienced our services first hand.

    Tracy said: “Myself and my Uncle were already huge supporters of St Cuthbert’s as we had experienced the care provided for three of our family members.

    Shaun knew that he wanted to carry on helping the Hospice in any way that he could, as he may need to use the services in the future. I am also looking to volunteer at the Hospice after seeing the support that patient’s families receive during such difficult times”.

    We are extremely grateful to Tracy for her amazing efforts in supporting St Cuthbert's Hospice in the past and also for the continued support she is giving us by signing up to the Win Win Lottery.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Laura Heseltine wins £100 Daily Prize

    Laura was delighted to get a phone call from us to let her know she had won £100 in our Win Win Lottery.

    "I decided to play the Win Win lottery in memory of my grandad, Alan Vincent, who spent his final days at St Cuthbert's, so I always try to help the Hospice in any way I can."

    "My partner Matthew and I are getting married in June 2021 in the Fig House at Middleton Lodge, so the money will help go towards our wedding."

    Thank you Laura for playing and everyone at St Cuthbert's would like to wish you both all the very best for your wedding day

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Katherine Chapman wins £100 Daily Prize

    We have had the pleasure of catching up with one of our recent Win Win Lottery winners, Katherine Chapman.

    Katherine won £100 in one of our September daily draws and has kindly shared with us her reasons for playing St Cuthbert's Hospice Win Win Lottery.

    She said: "I had originally heard about the Lottery through Facebook and although I haven't had any previous experience with the Hospice, I thought it was a great way to support a local charity with the extra bonus of maybe winning a prize.

    "I hadn't been playing too long which is why I was surprised to get the call from Christine letting me know that I had won £100! It was perfectly timed as I was on holiday visiting friends and I was able to treat us all to a lovely meal. I even had a little left over so booked myself in for a manicure while I was there."

    We are delighted that Katherine got to use her winnings on treating herself and friends to something special and we would like to say a huge thank you for supporting the Win Win Lottery.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Our lovely retail volunteer, Kath, has won one of the £100 daily prizes in our Win Win Lottery draw.

    We had the pleasure of catching up with Kath and discussing how she came to be a Win Win Lottery member.

    “I decided to join the Lottery as soon as I heard that the Hospice had set it up. I’ve never been interested in playing any of the bigger Lotteries, but I thought this was a great new way to support St Cuthbert’s."

    "I am very aware of what the Hospice does for the local community due to volunteering at the Langley Moor charity shop over the last three years.
    I received the call to say I had won just a couple of days before heading on holiday to the Lakes, so it really was a lovely surprise. I haven’t actually spent the money yet but I’m planning on treating myself to something I can keep, maybe some nice jewellery.”
    Kath has been kind enough to share with us a wonderful photo with her dog Olley, who looks like he’s having a lot of fun at the Lakes!
    We would like to say a huge thank you to Kath for not only playing the Win Win Lottery, but the time she dedicates to the Hospice by volunteering for us. Enjoy your winnings Kath!

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Win Win Lottery winner Christine Vickers scooped a £100 on our daily draw and decided to spend it on something extra special and a little bit different!

    Due to lockdown, Christine hadn’t been able to see her son for 2 years. He is currently serving in the British Army so has spent the last 20 years touring different countries. Understandably he doesn’t get to visit home often.

    As soon as restrictions started to ease, Christine arranged to have a barbeque for all the family including her son, daughters and grandchildren. “The call from the Hospice telling me that I had won £100 was perfectly timed - we were able to make our family barbeque even more special and buy some extras that we wouldn’t usually. This was only the second time we were able to have all our children and grandchildren back home together, so the memories made will be cherished forever.”
    Christine didn’t hesitate to sign up to the Win Win Lottery when she first heard about it. “I have worked in the care sector for 40 years, caring for patients with dementia and other life-limiting illnesses so I know all too well how much support is needed in this area and just how vital hospice care is.”.
    We are delighted that the winnings from the Lottery have been used for something so meaningful for the whole family. Thank you Christine for continuing to support the Hospice and sharing this lovely story with us 💚.

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    Last year, one of our lovely volunteer gardeners won a £100 prize on the Win Win Lottery.

    Linda kindly shared her story with us and generously donated the winnings back to the Hospice.
    We are delighted to say that the lucky streak has continued as Linda's husband Ian has won one of our £100 daily prizes too!

    Ian is also a volunteer gardener and has been working to keep our grounds looking incredible for over 6 years. He has decided to donate his winnings to 'Project Greenhouse' to help his fellow volunteer gardeners to purchase a new greenhouse for the Hospice, providing the extra space needed to grow plants all year round.
    We are extremely lucky to have such amazing volunteers who are always willing to go above and beyond!

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  • Win Win Lottery Winner

    We are delighted that one our lovely volunteer gardeners has managed to scoop up one of our £100 daily prizes in the Win Win Lottery draw!

    For nearly a decade, Linda has been helping to create and maintain our Hospice gardens as part of a team of volunteer gardeners. The team dedicate their time to ensure the gardens are a relaxing space for patients and loved ones to enjoy.

    Linda said: “I’m extremely proud of the team I work with. We are an open, friendly bunch and all have a common interest in gardening and helping the Hospice in any way we can. This is one of the reasons I signed up to the Win Win Lottery and why I have decided to donate my winnings back. I understand how difficult times are at the moment for fundraising and the need for people to sign up to the Lottery is greater than ever.”
    Whether you are donating your time or money, or as in Linda’s case both, now - more than ever - your support means the world to us 💚

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