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We can help you to get ‘Everything in Place’.

For most of us thinking about death and dying isn’t easy at all. Understandably we shy away from the topic and change the subject.

At St Cuthbert’s Hospice we launched our Everything in Place project to help make talking about death and our own future wishes as easy as possible. We want to help break the taboos that surround death and dying and support these conversations. If we don’t talk about these things with those close to us it can make it more difficult to cope for the dying and also for those who will be bereaved once the time comes. Getting Everything in Place now can make it all a little bit easier when the time comes.

The sessions make a difficult subject very accessible and topics are handled in a light-hearted way. I’d encourage anyone to come and don’t be worried about it. Everyone is in the same boat. It’s a great way to understand, and start to put things into action for the future.

Stephen, from Willington


The project aims to get people talking about physical, emotional, spiritual aspects, alongside practical issues like care plans and wills. Sessions are free to attend and delivered as a program or course. They are often held for groups of around eight people. It can be a comfort knowing you have the right documents prepared and we have an easy to follow workbook to help the discussions. Feedback from past participants is that the discussions are informative, accessible and light-hearted.

We want to help break down the taboos that surround death and dying, and to support conversations about future wishes. Our Everything in Place sessions are designed to help guide you through the topics and subjects that might crop up. It’s not scary, it’s not gloomy. Just impartial information that will help you on your way to getting your affairs in order.

We are currently in the process of organising the start date for the next course however if you are interested in partaking then please express your interest below or contact Project Lead Louise Johnson for any questions you may have.

Course Itinerary

Session title Date
Course Introduction and Meet the Team TBC
Where there’s a Will
Understanding Mental Capacity for Power of Attorney decisions
Appointing Power of Attorney – The documents 
Understanding Care and making Advance Care Plans
Funeral planning and knowing your funeral plan is safe
Understanding Euthanasia/Digital Legacy (1 hour each with a short break between) 
Organ donation/ making and saving memories (1 hour each with a short break between)
Difficult conversations/keeping yourself well (1 hour each with a short break between) 

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