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By sharing your story with us, and giving us permission to share it, you could help us to raise awareness of St Cuthbert’s Hospice, help to dispel myths about hospice care and help more people to access support.

Your story can also inspire people to fundraise, volunteer or recommend us to someone they know.

If you’d like to speak with The Communications and Marketing Team, please indicate this on your form and we can orgnaise to give you a call/ virtual call or invite you to the Hospice to chat in person.

Top Tips for writing your story

We’ve put together some tips to help you plan your story before you send it to us.

  • Use your own voice and words. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling – we’re here to help with that.
  • People like to read personal stories they can relate to, so try to tell us as much as you can. Imagine you’re telling someone for the very first time, what would they need to know? What happened and how did it make you feel?
  • If you’ve been on a journey of lows and highs, let us know what those moments were. What advice might you give to someone in the same situation?
  • Get inspired by reading some stories that other people who have experienced Hospice care have already shared.

Submit your story

Please tell us a little about your experience of St Cuthbert’s Hospice, the care you or your loved one received, and what St Cuthbert’s means to you. If you would prefer to chat with us to share your story, either on the phone or in person, please just let us know in the ‘my story’ box below.

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    Keep in Touch

    From time to time we would like to send you information about our news and activities. We will only use your information for the purpose it was collected, or for similar/related purposes. Your information will be handled in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. You can update your preferences at any time by contacting our Database Administrator on 0191 374 6166. Please tick to give consent to receive these by: