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We love to hear from young fundraisers, but we were really taken aback when we heard from 11 year old Nathan - all the way from California!

In November we held an online pet show to help raise funds for our care. Nathan is a Boy Scout and was working on his Pets Merit Badge. He had to care for his pet for 4 months and then enter a pet show or teach it 3 tricks.

His Mom told us “Due to Covid, there are no pet shows in our area and teaching a fish to do tricks is hard. So we looked online and found your online pet show and entered. Nathan was so proud to get 2nd place and even more excited to get the rosette in the mail! We say he has an international prize winning fish! Thank you, from King Bubbles and Nathan.”

We love that we were able to support Nathan in getting his badge and help King Bubbles add another jewel to his crown 👑

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