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Back in October when our shops were open, we were approached by a BBC film crew to ask if they could use our Langley Moor shop as a location to film a few scenes for a short documentary style feature.

We gladly welcomed them into the store for a few minutes to get what they needed. The film called ‘A Healthier Planet: What We Buy’ has now been released online and can be viewed using the links below. The documentary discusses findings from the UK Parliament Citizens Assembly on Climate Change and highlights issues around sustainability in the clothing industry. This film follows Ellie as she tries to purchase more in charity shops to prevent items from going to landfill or being recycled.  During filming Ellie genuinely found a few items in the store that she liked and she purchased them! Such a great project to be a small part of and one that will help to keep conversations going about the part charity shops can play in climate change.



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