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We recently received these words from Mhari, who’s mam received care with us here at the Hospice. Thank you for sharing your words Mhari.

“My lovely mother was a patient in the In-Patient Unit in St Cuthbert’s Hospice. 9 days of care and compassion for not only my mother but our whole family, the staff were beyond amazing, they made me feel at ease and that no matter what they were there when I needed them.

The work they do is first class, unfortunately my mam was too poorly and didn’t make it, the staff were with me all the way. They didn’t leave me if I didn’t want to be left, they made me food, offered me drinks, gave me cuddles, watched me cry, told me how brave I am and how strong my mam is.

Even afterwards they worried about me driving home, they followed up with phone calls, offered help for the funeral and made sure I knew what to do next.

8 weeks later the staff still call now and then to see how I am and if I need anything.

Amazingly fabulous nurses from staff nurses, doctors, health care assistants and cleaners, all total angels 😇

If you would like to share your experience of the Hospice, you can submit your story here.

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