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Many people tell us that our bedrooms feel like a ‘home from home’ and some even describe the In-Patient Unit as being like a hotel but with doctors. Our aim is to create a comfortable and safe environment where patients can relax, knowing they are in expert hands.

A stay with us isn’t always just for the last few days or hours, though it is our greatest privilege to care for people at this time. Some people stay with us on a number of occasions over a period of time for support with pain relief and symptom control. Every patient is treated as the individual they are and we spend time learning what is important to them and focus on delivering care that is suited to their wishes. Our teams also provide support to family members and those who matter most to our patients.

Patients can be referred to us by their GP, Consultant or Specialist Palliative Care Team. There is no charge for our care thanks to donations, legacies, events and other gifts. Our generous community cover over 60% of our running costs, meaning St Cuthbert’s Hospice care is free to all who need it.

Being referred to the Hospice was the best thing to happen to us. People think of a Hospice as this big black scary and sad building that you go in to and never come out of, but for us that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The Hospice is such a bright and welcoming place. As soon as we walked through the door we were all looked after so well.

Patient’s Family Member

We can care for up to 10 patients at any one time. Each private room has warm, homely touches such as comfy chairs, cushions and curtains. They all have ensuite facilities and French doors that open to views of our award-winning gardens. The gardens are fully wheelchair accessible, and we can take beds out into the open if patients wish to feel the sunlight on their faces or hear nature buzzing by. Our team of specialist doctors, nurses and therapists bring a wealth of skills and knowledge when caring for patients staying at St Cuthbert’s. This care is provided 24 hours a day.


All of our bedrooms have free Wi-Fi, televisions with digital services (you can even log into your own Netflix account if you have one) and you can bring items from home such as photos and keepsakes. Meals are individually prepared in our kitchen, sometimes using ingredients from our own allotments. We are pet friendly and have welcomed many four legged friends to the Hospice over the years, so we usually have a few pet treats tucked away for these special visitors.

Our visiting hours are currently affected by coronavirus safety measures. You can read the latest guidance here.

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to In-Patient Care please contact the Ward on 0191 386 1170.