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Monday 15th January 2024

All day today, for twenty four whole hours, our In-Patient Unit costs have been donated in loving memory of Carol Wake-Robinson with a ‘Pay for a Day’ donation.

We share below the loving words of Carol’s Husband Alan:

“Today would have been Carol’s 61st birthday. Carol celebrated her 60th birthday as an in-patient at St Cuthbert’s a year ago today. The wonderful staff at the hospice made the day as special as possible by arranging a delicious afternoon tea, along with music and lots of laughter.

This was so appropriate as laughter was always one of Carol’s gifts to anybody who spent any time with her. Carol was renowned for her infectious laughter and it was impossible for anybody to be around Carol without laughter echoing around the room.

As well as being a marvelous wife, Carol was an inspirational mother to our daughter Alice. She was also a much loved sister and auntie. Her caring nature, always putting others first, meant she had a special place in so many hearts, which is one of the main reasons she had so many close and dear friends.

Whilst she is truly missed every day, any tears of grief or sorrow are soon wiped away as a memory of Carol smiling and laughing reminds you of the joy she brought to so many people’s lives, and this is how we will always remember her.

In Carol’s final months when her cancer had returned much more aggressively, she was fully aware that she was dying, but never let it get her down. She remained the brightest light in the room until the very end. Her rapid decline led to two In-Patient Unit stays at the hospice. After an initial stay in January 2023, the dedication and care of the fantastic team at St Cuthbert’s got Carol well enough to come home to be reunited with her beloved dogs. Two Westie scamps, Charlie and Maisie.

Unfortunately, after a month at home, Carol’s condition deteriorated and she was readmitted to St Cuthbert’s. Carol felt so safe, calm and well looked after at the hospice and it was her final wish to end her days here. Carol was cared for with a great deal of respect and dignity in her final days, and died in the early hours of 13th March 2023 with myself and Alice by her side.

Carol never allowed cancer to define her final years. Carol always remained upbeat, gracious and kind. An exceptionally loving and caring nature accompanied by an ability to bring laughter and happiness to any situation. A beautiful soul, the essence of which, will forever remain in all of our hearts.”

We are extremely grateful for this special donation in Carol’s memory. 💚


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