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Monday 3rd June 2024

All day today, for twenty four whole hours, our Living Well Centre costs have been donated in loving memory of Tony Garman with a ‘Pay for a Day’ donation. 💚
Below we share the loving words of Tony’s family:

“We can’t quite believe it has been ten years since we lost Tony Garman, our amazing Dad, Husband and Grandpa. Tony really was the most wonderful, funny, intelligent, caring, interesting person you could wish to meet. Whilst it does get easier to cope with over time, the pain of not having him here with us never goes away and we miss him now as much as we ever have.

Tony was originally diagnosed with stomach cancer and after some tough chemotherapy and major surgery he was given the all clear. Whilst life without a stomach was not plain sailing, Tony never complained and didn’t let it stop him from enjoying his life.

Unfortunately around two years after being given the all clear the cancer was back, and was very widespread, meaning curing it was not an option. Again, he never complained and was so positive and stoic throughout. Tony’s health rapidly declined over a matter of weeks and he was lucky enough to get a bed in St Cuthbert’s where he spent the last week of his life.

St Cuthbert’s was such a wonderful place and we are forever grateful for the care Tony received while he was there. It was a blessing to be able to visit any time, and that he was in such a peaceful setting where help was available day and night. The staff cared not only for Tony, but for all of us as well. We even managed to have a birthday party in the day room one day.

We are so happy to be able to support the hospice so they can provide the same care and support for so many other families going through the hardest times of their lives.

We miss Tony every day and he is always in our thoughts, but it brings us comfort that he was as comfortable as could be in those final moments of his life.

Huge thank you to St Cuthbert’s for all they did for us and continue to do for others.”

We are extremely grateful for this special donation in Tony’s memory.


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