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Meet Sam

Sam, our new Community Outreach Coordinator, has recently joined the Community Outreach Team. We are thrilled to let you know why she chose to be part of our team in her own words.

“I have been working at the Hospice for around a year and a half now. Previously, I worked with the Family Support Team before joining the Community Outreach Team. I really enjoyed the role and learnt so much.

The Community Outreach Project has been really successful, and we have seen great attendance at the Hospice Hub. Occasionally, I would help out at the Hospice Hub, during busy periods.

Whilst helping out, I realised the significant number of people who depend on the Community Outreach Team for support. People who might not have sought help from the Hospice or other community services if the project did not exist.

I saw first-hand the importance of the Community Outreach Services and how significantly they helped people. They really do value the support so much! Their appreciation extends not only to the team of staff and volunteers but also their peers too, who provide mutual support along the way. Engaging with individuals in similar circumstances offers valuable insight and connection through shared experiences. It was extremely humbling to see the friendships formed from these interactions.

I realised that there were likely many others facing similar situations to those we were currently supporting, people who were unaware of the Community Outreach Project. This encouraged me to apply for the role of Community Outreach Coordinator, to help spread the word and support those who need us most.

Every day is different, and everyone has their own story and their own reasons for attending. I am proud to be part of the team, supporting people along their journey. I’m looking forward to building relationships and networks to ensure people are able to access the correct support.”

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson, the project manager, has expressed her enthusiasm about Sam joining the team.

We are thrilled to introduce Sam to the Community Outreach Team! Sam has always been a valuable support to the Hub and groups during busy periods. Which has greatly contributed to her seamlessly transition into the team having already established such strong connections with our guests.

Sam possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience and is keen to support individual’s needs, whether that be signposting to additional community support or sitting and having a quiet cuppa with our guests at the Hub.

We are very much looking forward to continuing to build upon our networks to support those who are Carers, living with a long-term condition including Dementia and people who are bereaved, to make sure they feel supported in their Community.”

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