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“Today has been fantastic”.

We are delighted to share the kind words from one of our guests, Dorothy, following her recent visit to the Living Well Centre here at the Hospice.
“I sat down in this chair and thought this is so comfy, even more comfy than my bed!
Then it got even better, as the heat came on and the seat began to warm up. I thought – I’ll stay here for the night.
Lovely Rachel kept me company giving me a relaxing foot massage. I am always so cold and to be warm for once was just lovely – just what I needed.
The staff are so gentle and considerate too.
When I visit the Hospice, I feel safe and listened to. I can’t explain it, you get to know everyone.
If there is ever a free slot for a warm comfy foot massage, I’ll be there.”

Dorothy’s lovely words really show just how important and special the care is here at the Hospice and it makes the world of difference for those in our care. Thank you to all who support us and make our care possible.
Help us to keep this Christmas season warm and bright for all of those in our care by sharing our cause or making a kind donation to our energy appeal. 

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