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Friday 9th December 2022

All day today, for twenty-four whole hours, our full clinical running costs have been donated in loving memory of Violet Howe with a ‘Pay for a Day’ donation.

We share below the lovely words from her Granddaughter Stacey.

“In June 2022 we lost one of the most special people in our lives, Nanna Violet.

She was the kindest, most beautiful and strong woman I’d ever met. From being diagnosed with a rare form of Neuralgia in 1995, to being on an end of life programme in 2017, then being told she was partially blind in 2021 to finding out she had cancer in January 2022, she let nothing get her down. Despite feeling like everything going against her, she always had a smile on her face. As long as she had her family around her (and maybe her favourite Chinese meal) nothing else mattered.

In May, my Nanna was taken to St Cuthbert’s Hospice, where she was sceptical after having a bad experience in hospital, but she couldn’t have been happier there. The care the staff provided was second to none, and with the help of the Hospice and their amazing team, she got to say goodbye the way she wanted, with her family surrounding her.

I decided to do the Great North Run in memory of Nanna and to raise money and show our appreciation for St Cuthbert’s Hospice. We will be forever grateful for all of the support and care not only my Nanna received, but the whole family.

Love you always Nanna – from all of us xxx”

We are extremely grateful for this special donation in Violet’s memory.


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