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Langley Moor is unique, as the shop is actually two shops! Right next door to each other. The two separate shops have been trading for over 20 years.

The boutique-style clothing store has a vintage feel, with selected retro pieces and accessories including jewellery and handbags. The homeware shop sells one off pieces of bric-a-brac, has a range of books and toys and an entertainment section. The store also stocks a selection of small furniture items. For larger furniture items our Meadowfield Furniture Store is just up the road.

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  • Did you know...


    Items are sold per week, collectively from all of our shops!

  • Did you know...


    Raised in the last year via the gift aid scheme, thanks to your help!

Donations Checklist

  • Usability

    We're so grateful to you for your support and for keeping your donations to one side for us. To help us cut down on costs and ensure your donations can bring the most value to those we care for, please complete this checklist:

    • Are your items cleaned and undamaged?
    • Would you buy this item?
    • Does it work?
  • Furniture

    • Is the upholstery in good condition?
    • Is the fire label still attached?
    • Is it scratched or damaged?
  • Toys and Games

    When donating toys, games and children's items please make sure:

    • All the pieces are there
    • It conforms to British Standards
    • The Box is in good condition
  • Items we can't accept

    We're sorry there are some items we can't accept such as:

    • Safety helmets
    • Car booster or baby seats
    • Video tapes