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When we asked In-Patient Unit Nurse Emma ‘what is your favourite thing about your job?’ we fully expected her to say something like being able to help create the most special memories for families, maybe tell us about her lush team mates or even comment on the gorgeous gardens we have at the Hospice. Without any hesitation, she answered:
“I love brushing patients teeth.”
Those words stopped us in our tracks.
Many of you will have experienced first-hand the care that we provide at St Cuthbert’s Hospice, and know that it is often the very small things that make the biggest difference. Perhaps you’ve never given it much thought about how nice it is to have freshly brushed teeth because it’s something so small.
But if you’re unable to do that small thing yourself, something you have done over a thousand times in your lifetime, then suddenly it’s more important than anything you could ever imagine.
Today is #InternationalNursesDay and a chance for us to say thank you to all nurses who care about the small things just like Emma. Thank you to all of our Hospice nurses for doing everything they can to make every day count 💚

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