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Elizabeth has volunteered in our Langley Moor Charity Shop since 2017.

How did you get into volunteering?

I used to pop into the Langley Moor charity shop on a Saturday when I was still working. The shop had a good standard of clothes. With going to the shop regularly, one of the volunteers suggested I became a volunteer too. Once I retired, I volunteered on Saturdays. The shop was short of volunteers so I started doing more shifts.

Why do you volunteer? 

I volunteer to give something back. I’ve never worked in retail, but I love it. I’ve built a rapport with the customers and we have some who come from miles away. I have got to know the regulars enough to be able to point out items I think they’d like and have a chat with them.

What have you gained from volunteering? 

I’ve gained friendships and can now work a till and a card machine. Volunteering is a hobby, it’s something I’m good at and I enjoy it. My husband plays golf, I volunteer in the shop.

How does volunteering make you feel?

It makes me extremely happy and is excellent for my mental health.

When I retired, I felt like I was surplus to requirements. When I started volunteering at the shop, I was given responsibility and made to feel that my contributions are valued. I feel valued.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering in one of our shops?

Do it, 100%!

What three words would you use to describe volunteering with us?

I couldn’t possibly describe it in just 3 words. I’m extremely happy to volunteer here.

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