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Claire Coverdale and Betty Billingham have forged a close companionship over the past two weeks. Both ladies have been spending time at St Cuthbert’s Hospice helping to get their symptoms under control before being discharged home. They share a lot in common. Such as liking the same things, going to the same places and having the same great sense of humour, but they had never met outside the hospice. Their friendship is strengthened by the fact that they share the same diagnosis. Both ladies have terminal lung cancer.

Claire told us: “I was extremely apprehensive coming to the hospice. I had no idea what this place would be like. I thought it would be all doom and gloom but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The staff are incredible and everyone is so positive. The place is full of laughter, especially when me and Betty get together.”

The ladies have enjoyed having ‘a bit of a laugh’ together while here at the hospice and their families have joined in too; sharing tales of funny experiences and documenting the ladies just being themselves and donning some interesting headwear!

Betty said: “It’s been a real eye opener coming to the hospice and I wouldn’t be as nervous about coming back in if I have to again. The meals are fantastic and the staff always do their best for you. In truth, I’d love to stay a little longer as I’ve enjoyed it so much. Especially meeting Claire. We’ve laughed so much and will be keeping in touch once we both go home. We’ve really found a friendship that will last.” 


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