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If you’re thinking whether it’s worth your while, staying up late and tramping around Durham in the dark with your torch and with your family or friends to raise money for a hospice, here’s a little story…

One glorious morning last week, we decided to take some pictures of our hospice and its garland of gorgeous gardens. 
Some of the pictures were posted here last week… And then,we heard the sound of a child chattering, and then a two foot tall bundle of energy emerged and scampered from one of our patients’ patio doors, hotly pursued by amused mum and grandma.
The little fella turned out to be George. His mum was Leanne and grandma was Doreen. They were visiting little George’s granddad, Jack Smith.
Leanne wrote later: “We all think the hospice is a lovely, friendly place to be. Even my eldest, who is 6, calls it ‘Granddad’s hotel/hospital’. This helps take away some of the clinical side of it from him. I’m not sure if George the youngest is more excited to see Granddad or the fish!
“Jack is very comfortable and although very tired and weak, tells us he is well looked after and enjoying the peace and tranquility of looking out into the beautiful gardens. 
“All the staff are friendly and approachable and make a fuss of the children, which is nice for them, as I know they found it strange at first, visiting Granddad in a different environment. 
“The gardens and greenhouse are beautifully maintained. We even ordered ourselves one of their hanging baskets so will be nice to have in our garden. 
“Without the help and support that St Cuthbert’s Hospice are providing for our family, these past few weeks would have been very stressful. However, we are happy in the knowledge that Jack is in very good hands and hopefully will be strong enough to come home again soon……however, 
“I will now have to go and buy fish! 

see more pictures on our facebook page.


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