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Nicola Kendall, Namaste Care International ‘Champion for Hospices'. St Cuthbert’s Namaste Care Lead Nicola Kendall has been named as Namaste Care International ‘Champion for Hospices’.

Nicola was approached by Rishi Jawahar, a director of Namaste Care International, along with Joyce Simard who is the creator of Namaste Care. In her new role as Champion she will help to work on Namaste care standards and training, as well as promoting dementia care in hospices across the UK.

She has also released her second book ‘A Namaste Care Activity Book’ to support people caring for someone with advanced dementia. Early chapters give an overview of the approach, exploring the effects of sensory stimulation in improving quality of life. With contributions from professionals across the field, chapters describe ways to engage the different senses, including aromatherapy, food and memory and therapeutic use of lighting. These are followed by a selection of themed stories, with ideas for sensory activities to support each one. The book is available to purchase here. The picture below shows Nicola (left) with colleague Magda who contributed a chapter for the book.

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