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Online Seminar delivered by Professor Robin Gill, Emeritus Professor of Applied Theology at the University of Kent.

An important symposium in the Vatican in December 2019 on Palliative Care, sponsored jointly by the Vatican and an Islamic Foundation, raised important questions about the role of faith in modern healthcare. To my surprise, the symposium did not focus upon opposition to euthanasia, but rather on the positive virtues and values that faith traditions might share and bring to palliative care. For my part I have argued that there are four virtues within Christian ethics — compassion, care, trust/faith and humility — that resonate across many faith traditions and may also be held more widely by humanists as well. In this talk I will explain how I have reached this conclusion and how it serves to thicken an account of medical ethics based solely upon the four principles of non-maleficence, beneficence, autonomy and justice.


Professor Robin Gill is Emeritus Professor of Applied Theology at the University of Kent. He was previously the first holder of both the Michael Ramsey Chair at Kent and the William Leech Research Chair at Newcastle. He is a member of the BMA Medical Ethics Committee and is a member of the Ethics Panel of the University of Gibraltar.

Robin has published extensively in sociological theology, the sociological study of churches, Christian and religious ethics, and health care ethics.


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The seminar will be held over Zoom. There is no charge to join. Upon registration, you will be sent a link to join this virtual seminar. If you have any questions please contact Sarah Corney on 0191 386 1170.


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