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Six year old Freddie Deo has raised a huge £385 for St Cuthbert’s Hospice by riding his bicycle for 50 miles and getting sponsored by family and friends.

During lockdown Freddie was negotiating how to raise funds for some new Lego. His Mam Julia explained: “He had just had gained the confidence to cycle without stabilisers so we said if he continued to ride his bike then he could have 50p a mile to put towards his Lego. We challenged him to a 50 miles!”

“Freddie thought about it for a few seconds and said that he would like to give the money to ‘grandads hospital’.” Freddie’s grandad, Richard Grantham, died at the Hospice five years ago this October.

Julia said “He made a chart to tally up the miles and when it wasn’t rainy we went out on a morning and cycled 3 or 4 miles with Max, our spaniel, walking alongside. We set up a sponsorship page after friends and family found out about the challenge. He finished the 50 miles this month and raised £385 for the hospice!”

“We are so proud of him for his kindness and how much he loves cycling which was also my dad’s favourite hobby! My family will always be grateful to the families that raised money before us, and we will always be grateful to everyone at St Cuthbert’s.”

We’re so incredibly grateful to Freddie for taking on this massive challenge for us. We’re also pleased to say that he did indeed get some Lego too as a well done for completing the 50 miles! ðŸ’š


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