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FlexAbility Fitness are taking on an incredible 24 Hour ‘Flexathalon’ for us! 🏋️

The local gym based at Tursdale Business Park, Durham, will be taking on the challenge over the Jubilee weekend this June.

The ‘Flexathalon’ on Saturday 4th June 2022 will encourage the gym’s members to take on some epic activities together over the course of 24 hours, in 15 minute time slots. They are going to:

🚣 Row a full marathon on the gym’s rowing machines
🚲 Cycle 140 miles on a coast to coast on their exercise bikes
🏃 Run a full marathon (26.2 miles!)

“We are so excited to see how Flexabilty Fitness get on! It’s really fantastic when our community gathers together to support us and we know the #teamflexability family are going to be amazing!” – Jade McArdle, Community and Events Manager

Good Luck and Well Done #TeamFlexabilty 💚

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