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Get Colourful!

Calling all schools, groups and nurseries! We can help you organise a Summer Colour Run! 🖌️

Our Summer Colour Run is a super fun way to support your local Hospice and it’s really easy to organise. Simply pick a day this summer to run, walk or skip around a route of your choice all while being showered with powdered paint. We can help you organise your run, providing advice for the big day and as our thank you for supporting St Cuthbert’s you will receive:
🎨 Complimentary powdered paint for your event.
🎨 Posters/flyers to advertise your Colour Run.
🎨 Sponsorship forms.
🎨 An ‘about us’ leaflet for parents, so everyone knows what we do and why you are raising funds.
🎨 With prior arrangement, a Hospice representative to attend your event.
🎨 Thank you certificates for everyone who takes part.
If you would like to get involved in a Summer Colour Run, we would really love to hear from you! You can call us on 0191 386 1170 or send us an email at

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