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“If we can do it, so can you!”
Community and Events Manager Jade and Communications and Marketing Coordinator Sarah have qualified with England Athletics and are now officially run leaders! 👏👏👏
Support provided by County Durham Sport helped them to access the training they needed and is part of our workplace ‘Better Health at Work’ Award.
Jade and Sarah are now able to join our Hospice running club ‘St Cuthbert’s Champions’ as run leaders. The club is open to all and meets on a Monday evening at 5:30pm for a fun and social easy run, starting here at the Hospice.
The pair started their running journey when they completed the Couch to 5k training plan with St Cuthbert’s Champions themselves back in 2018 and have since taken on the Durham City Run and Families on Track together (pictured).
They were inspired to become run leaders to help support others with their motto “if we can do it, so can you!”
“Running was never something that I was interested in until I heard that the St Cuthbert’s Champions Couch to 5k was returning. It was challenging but each week I was surprised at how much longer and further I could run for and the icing on the cake was the medal for completing my first ever 5k – I was very proud!
The Hospice running group has made me realise that everyone has a different motivation for running, whether it be for fun and socialising, for losing weight or even just to run off everyday stresses. It is a lovely group to be a part of, we are all super supportive of one another and spur each other on every step of the way. If anyone out there is looking to get into running; I couldn’t recommend St Cuthbert’s Champions enough.” – Jade.
Want to join Jade and Sarah on your own running journey? Sign up for free at
They will also be running a new Couch to 5K programme starting on Monday 10th October, so why not lace up your trainers and join them! 👟👟

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