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We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in gaining the top prize in the Tesco Bags of Help initiative. Shoppers at four Tesco stores in the region were able to vote for three different projects to help decide which would receive a huge £12,000.00. St Cuthbert’s Hospice will use these funds to create a new sensory garden within the grounds of the hospice. This unique outdoor space will provide a safe and peaceful environment that encourages gentle physical activity and can help to improve the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of all palliative care patients at the Hospice. The Sensory Garden will allow all five senses to be stimulated. Large bright flowers will appeal to the eye. Beautiful scents from flowers and herbs will fill the air. Raised beds will allow soft grasses and foliage to be touched. Edible plants will tantalise the taste buds. Finally, the centre of the garden will host a water feature providing the relaxing sound of running water. This project will make a real difference to our guests and patients here at St Cuthbert’s. Thank you to all who voted for St Cuthbert’s. We look forward to updating you as the project begins.



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