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Tuesday 21st November 2023

All day today, for twenty four whole hours, our In-Patient Unit costs have been donated in loving memory of Karen Damestani with a ‘Pay for a Day’ donation. Below we share the kind words of Karen’s Husband Kav:

“Karen spent her last few days in St Cuthbert’s Hospice after showing such strength with her battle against blood cancer. She was admitted 5 days before her 47th birthday and the Hospice staff were amazing. They were wanting to help me plan a nice romantic birthday meal for Karen, with her favourite food and drink. Unfortunately, Karen didn’t make it to her birthday and passed away after 3 days in the Hospice on 19th November 2022.

The staff at the Hospice made Karen’s last few days perfect. They treated her with such compassion and respect, and made sure she had everything she wanted. They would bring her ice lollies in the night to help with her dry mouth and were always there to sit and hold her hand if she needed.

They let me stay by Karen’s side every minute of the day and night and also let our little Shih-Tzu Charlie stay with his mum on her bed. This provided Karen with some home comfort and brought a smile to her face in her last few days.

I can never thank everyone enough for the care they provided to me and Karen, and our son Luke. Everyone who works within the Hospice is worth their weight in gold and I will be forever in their debt.

Rest in peace Karen xx”

We are extremely grateful for this special donation in Karen’s memory.


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