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Saturday 23rd September 2023

All day today, for twenty four whole hours, our full clinical running costs have been donated in loving memory of Laura Richardson with a ‘Pay for a Day’ donation. We share below the kind words of Laura’s friend Katy:

“I met my wonderful friend Laura at an open day at Nottingham University, where we both joined as freshers in September 2007. On the same wavelength about everything, we lived a lovely life in Lenton and then upgraded to Paris for a year, which was a perfectly chic fit for Laura. Always fabulously dressed and fashionably late!

I chose to run the Edinburgh Marathon this year to support St Cuthbert’s Hospice because of the amazing care that they gave to Laura in the days before she sadly passed away in 2021, and previously to her dad John in 2019. Laura’s family are full of praise for the Hospice and staff – as was Laura herself – so it means a lot to raise money to help them continue to provide for everybody who needs them.

I had a lot of time to think about Laura and reflect on our years of friendship during my long runs – she was absolutely on my mind and in my heart (and inspiring my playlist) all the way. So many things make me think of her, particularly as we head into Strictly/Bake Off/coat & scarf season… She was really one of life’s beautiful people: gentle, hilarious, thoughtful, strong, fun – babe. We all miss her and all the laughs very much.” ❤️

We are extremely grateful for this special donation in Laura’s memory.


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